Digital Consulting

Call on GlobalizeMe to help shape your team and plan, launch, manage and deliver your digital projects. We offer a comprehensive range of tech/digital consulting services in the areas of:

  • Systems Development Lifecycle architecture and management.
  • Change/problem control systems architecture and management.
  • Team architecture, helping to build your internal development and project management teams or augmenting existing teams using diverse resource groups from our ecosystem spanning continents and ranges of expertise.
  • Outsourcing management and team bridge-building.
  • Transition management, managing the ramp-in and ramp-out of flexible, short-term resource teams for those large projects that you never thought you could handle.
  • Bolt-on CTO or Head of Digital services.

Our consulting teams have years of experience in media and technology and can point the way without your end client even knowing we are involved.

Experience the difference. Contact us for more information about digital consulting.