GlobalizeMe History

From small beginnings, GlobalizeMe have shown conservative yet steady growth throughout this early part of the 2000’s. Our focus has always been on honesty in tandem with happy teams and happy clients, as evidenced by our company ethics. This ethos has driven some exciting milestones in our history and has seen us provide services to a range of clients from global tech companies and financial services giants to pharma leaders and SMEs alike:


GlobalizeMe was founded in 2000, at the end of the internet bubble of the nineties. Netherlands-based, the company initially grew into a translation & software localization service provider, serving a number of major software brands through their Netherlands subsidiary.


The need to spread geographically arose when GlobalizeMe increasingly sold its services outside the Netherlands. In 2006 a shared services centre was launched in Bangalore, India. This hub provides project management and support services to a number of GlobalizeMe clients worldwide, while other clients are being served from Europe.


In 2009 GlobalizeMe extended its offering, adding content creation and graphical design as well as SEO services. In the same year all content creation, translation and localization services were rebranded as GlobalizeMe Content. In this pivotal year we also launched GlobalizeMe Digital which provides web and app development, cloud implementation and technology consulting services via our UK office. The main mission of this unit is to supply cutting-edge web, cloud and app technology at affordable rates, directly to end clients or under a white label to advertizing and marketing agencies.


In 2010 GlobalizeMe became a SAP PartnerEdge Language Partner.


In 2012 GlobalizeMe became a member of the ASAP Globalizers group of SAP Language Partners.


In 2013 GlobalizeMe started selling its SAP software localization services from the official SAP Store, which has now been replaced by the SAP Partner Finder.


In 2014 GlobalizeMe became an AWS Consulting Partner, a cloud industry recognized accreditation showing that we have at least 4 AWS-qualified professionals in our organisation, 2 of them at full certification level having gone through the AWS examination and certification process.


2015 saw us becoming an AWS Authorised Reseller as well as achieving successful renewal of our AWS Consulting Partner status, testament to the ongoing development and hard work of our teams. Our SAP PartnerEdge practice went from strength-to-strength with many successful SAP projects undertaken in this year.


2016 shows no deceleration in the development, growth and innovation of our offerings, teams and resources worldwide. In 2016 we accelerated our app development output and took on many new AWS cloud accounts plus our SAP practice continued to grow.


As an SAP niche specialist GlobalizeMe started to provide SAP language technology consulting services to SAP end clients in collaboration with specialized partners. GlobalizeMe experts now help SAP clients to use the localization features of their SAP system to scope, export, translate and import system content for all required languages.


This year saw the launch of GlobalizeMe Product – the new division that supplies smart SaaS solutions to the market. We also enjoyed our fourth year of being an AWS consulting partner and reseller with multiple global clients under our protection and maintenance in industry verticals such as financial services, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

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