Increase your ROI through localization

At GlobalizeMe we've been localizing a wide range of software suites into numerous languages and cultures for many years and our expertise in the area of multilingual software localization is the reason why major international companies turn to us for their foreign language projects. They know that first impressions and sustainable quality are crucial for success and they rely on us to meet their objectives.

As GlobalizeMe uniquely combines software development and localization skills under one roof, we know what it takes to produce usable software. We process localization projects both from the developer's and the user's perspective, which allows us to translate, localize, test and even adapt software in such a way that the final result contains no embarrassments.

Does your company have its own localization department? Discover how the expertise of a certified SAP PartnerEdge Language Partner can help you to stop worrying about yet another locale and instead start thinking about ROI.

Is your company (relatively) new to localization? We can set up a localization team that runs your projects either from your premises or ours and that collaborates closely with your developers. This custom-made solution is very affordable and scalable and the easy track towards international expansion.

Experience the difference. Contact us for more information about software localization and language testing solutions.