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Content Management

Creating content is one thing - making it accessible another. There are so many ways to publish resources and the technology involved keeps getting more complex, it seems. Should you be using an interactive website, social media or traditional handouts?

Stop worrying - GlobalizeMe will help you choose the channels that match your needs and will implement the required technology seamlessly. Here are some examples of what we do:

Content Management

If you wish to publish your content on the web, for example to an e-learning library, knowledge database or news section, you want to limit the time and effort needed to post and update this content to an absolute minimum.

GlobalizeMe's web publishing teams have the expertise that is required to keep your site dynamic and up-to-date. They will advise you on the various options and once you've reached a decision, they will take care of the rest. Whether it's a relatively simple off-the-shelve content management solution or a custom-made multilingual .NET CMS, we know how to stay within your budget.

Once the optimal technology is in place, we can either train your staff to add and update content or you can choose to let us to do the writing and publish the results. It's basically up to you to which extent you wish to be involved in the process.


Especially in sales and training, printed content is still frequently needed. Brochures and flyers leave a more lasting impression than a URL on a business card. And printed handouts allow students to make notes more easily and leave them with the idea they are getting more value for their money.

Although GlobalizeMe is not a printing firm, we will gladly add this final step to a content creation solution. We collaborate with a number of affordable vendors for both large and very small batches, so depending on your preference we will take care of printing for you or - saving even more cost - point you into the right direction.

Experience the difference. Contact us for more information about publishing solutions.