Beat the search engine rankings

If you really want to boost your pages up in the rankings, an integrated search engine and social media approach is essential. Search engines like Google apply complex metrics to websites to determine their visibility. The way your site is built, the keywords you use, the dynamism of your web presence and the links to and from your website are some of the elements that need to be right. That's why GlobalizeMe's SEO approach is comprehensive and includes services like keyword research, on-page keyword injection, site structure optimization and off-page maintenance. Depending on how far along in the process you are, you can leave everything to us or you mix and match the SEO and SMO modules that you need.

Our service consists of three main stages:

Linguistic SEO: keyword research, authoring and language adaptation of content

During this linguistic SEO stage the site's content is carefully assembled (in one or more languages) and optimized using keyword research and density checks. Our authors know how and where to integrate ideal keywords into the content of your site. Doing so they build a solid basis for excellent search engine rankings.

Technical SEO: website build analysis and improvement

During this stage a site's technical structure is scanned and improvements are suggested, e.g. regarding menu structures, sitemaps, links, site dynamism, etc. The scan is concluded with a report that contains a number of recommendations. The volume of technical measures required depends on the size and the build quality of the site. Ideally sites are built SEO-ready from scratch and this step is integrated in the development process, yet this scan and the subsequent improvement track allow existing sites to be fully optimized as well.

SEO/SMO maintenance

This stage is often skipped, but it is key to long-term SEO results, especially in very competitive industries. Modules 1A and 1B constitute a solid SEO basis and will definitely generate results, but return on investment will only be sustainable if a site's ranking is continuously maintained. Rely on GlobalizeMe's offshore maintenance team to continuously analyze competitor sites, post offsite links and suggest and implement improvements. This day rate service is very flexible and affordable.

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