GlobalizeMe Support

Please click the button below to raise a support ticket via our ticket system:

Raise a support request
  • You will be taken to our ticket system which features help on how to submit requests using our quick and simple form.
  • A support ticket will be raised in our ticket system and our support team will be alerted to this request.
  • During European working hours, our support team will respond to you within the allotted response times - normally 4 hours or as per your support contract SLA.
  • Outside of European working hours or if you do not have a support contract with us, our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

If your intended ticket relates to a possible outage on our servers, please use this site first to check whether the outage is seen by the rest of the outside world, or whether the issue is local to you: We also recommend that you observe our Twitter feed to check for any planned or known outages before submitting a support request: click here.