Learn more about translation as a service

We're not the only content company that provides translation and copy-editing into all major languages and for all imaginable areas of expertise. Yet we do distinguish ourselves in a number of ways:

  • Choose the quality level you need. Never pay again for services you don't need. From Basic for standard internal communication, Classic for high-profile internal presentations to Premium for client-facing messages and everything in between – you won't have to choose between cheap and expensive vendors anymore, because you determine the rate.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises. We always stick to our quotes, so you don't have to worry what your invoice will look like. Once we've determined what you need, all expenses are detailed in advance. That way everybody knows what to expect and you'll make new friends in accounting.
  • Enjoy complete transparency. Whenever you contact us, your point of contact or a well-informed replacement will always be available to update you on every aspect of your project.
  • Let us take translation beyond mere words and benefit from extras like advanced project management and advice, that are often free with translation orders. Or watch our editors adapt a translated marketing text to local markets, rewriting the result with the target audience and its cultural nuances in mind.
  • Expect the same solid level of expertise, regardless whether you need material for the English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic or Dutch markets or any other for that matter. At GlobalizeMe every language is a core language.

GlobalizeMe has been a supplier to several Fortune 500 companies for many years and is a certified SAP Language Partner. Our unique blend of linguistic craftsmanship, enterpreneurial flexibility and painstaking accuracy have made us a trusted partner of industry leaders where language matters.

Experience the difference. Contact us for more information about translation products and rates.